These stories are reflections of ideas and experiences: not true events

My Brother Copies Me

My little brother is two. He copies what I say and what I do.

Don’t Judge Me

Don’t judge me because I might scream and shout, I’m just trying to get all these bad feelings out.

Daddy’s Gone On Holiday

Daddy’s gone on holiday, daddy’s gone away. This is what I get told by people every single day. I’m not allowed to call him or see him face to face. I think he must be somewhere, in a special place.

Moving to a New House and New Nursery

“Welcome to The Farm for Children!” said Perry the pig as a Mum and two boys came towards his sty to say hello. The older boy didn’t talk to Perry and Perry thought maybe he was worried about something. He asked him how he was feeling. The boy said, “I’m not happy because Mummy and Daddy are making me leave my nursery and go to a new one”

Tommy’s Balloon

Tommy was a boy who had a balloon in his tummy. People would say mean things to him and make comments he didn’t like. Each time this happened, Tommy would not say anything. Just take a deep breath. Which made the balloon get a little bigger each time.

Grandad’s Sleeping

They told me grandad's sleeping and that he’s become a star, but I don’t want this to be, the sky is way too far. How will I get to wake him, when he is right up there. Why can’t he just sleep, in his favourite chair?

The Angel, the Devil and Superheroes

There was once a girl called Sarah. Sarah thought she was somehow different from the other girls in school and she had many worries which would stay in her mind and made her feel very sad. The worries would twirl around her head and made her unable to concentrate on her school work.

If I was a Different Person

If I was a different person who would I be, I know for certain I wouldn’t choose me. Not that I hate me or don’t like who I am, It’s just that I feel as though my life is a sham.

Sad Words

Once upon a time there was a farm where there lived a cow and a hen. They were usually very good friends. Then one day the cow said to the hen: “Why don’t you eat grass? You’re stupid eating all that grain”.