Tommy was a boy who had a balloon in his tummy. People would say mean things to him and make comments he didn’t like.

Each time this happened, Tommy would not say anything. Just take a deep breath. Which made the balloon get a little bigger each time.

Eventually someone would say something mean, even something small. Because the balloon was so big it would burst, which scared Tommy. This would cause him to scream and shout or hit out at people even at times throwing things around.

People couldn’t understand his outbursts. To them it was something minor. They didn’t understand, because they didn’t know about Tommy’s balloon.

These outbursts would happen quite a lot, until one day someone came to visit Tommy. With them, he felt like he could explain the feelings in his tummy.
The more he talked to the visitor and told her how he felt, the less the balloon would grow.
Over time and with some help, Tommy learned that he was in control of his balloon and if he shared his feelings, he could help to stop the balloon from growing. At times his balloon would still grow, but not as often or as bad as before.