“Welcome to The Farm for Children!” said Perry the pig as a Mum and two boys came towards his sty to say hello.

The older boy didn’t talk to Perry and Perry thought maybe he was worried about something. He asked him how he was feeling. The boy said, “I’m not happy because Mummy and Daddy are making me leave my nursery and go to a new one”.

“It’s because we’re moving to a new house and it will be too far to take me to the nursery that I go to now. I feel sad and I’m cross with Mummy and Daddy”.

“Well”, said Perry, “we had to move to this sty today because my Mum is expecting lots of babies. Look! She’s enormous!”.

Perry asked the boy what he likes about his nursery. He said he likes playing with his friends. “So you made some friends when you started there?” Perry asked. “Yes of course” said the boy.

Perry asked if there was anything he doesn’t like about his nursery and the boy said he doesn’t like one of the teachers. “You won’t have to see her again then!”

Suddenly there was some loud snorting behind them. “The piglets are coming!”, shouted Perry. “Go and fetch the farmer!”

The boy ran to the house and shouted for the farmer to come quickly. The boy’s Mum and brother came into the sty and stroked the sow’s forehead while the farmer helped with the piglets. Then the boy noticed that Perry was crying a bit, he hadn’t seen his Mum give birth before. The boy shared his chocolate with him and told him his Mum would be ok.

When all the piglets had been born, and Perry’s Mum was having a rest, it was time for the boy to go home. But first Perry told him he will make friends at his new nursery because he is such a kind and helpful boy and the other children will want to be his friend.

“Now”, Perry said to the boy’s Mum, “You keep in touch with his friends from his nursery and with me, my Mum and our eight new piglets because we’ve all become friends today”.

They waved goodbye and now the boy felt more certain that he will make new friends in his new nursery. He understood too that people, (and animals), have to move to bigger houses when families get bigger or children grow and need more space. He wasn’t cross with Mummy and Daddy anymore and was even looking forward to moving to the new house and new nursery, (just a bit).