Don’t judge me because I might scream and shout,
I’m just trying to get all these bad feelings out.

Sometimes I get angry sometimes I get mad,
But what it boils down to I’m just feeling sad.

Sad by the things that have happened to me,
Sad by the things that I’ve had to see.

When you are my age feelings are hard to control,
They boil up inside you, they just take a hold.

Some don’t understand, they just say I am mean,
This may sound funny but I just want to be seen.

Seen by the people that think all is well,
Seen by the people I just want to tell.

To tell what’s happening and just how I feel,
Maybe telling someone will help me to heal.

From all of the bad things from all of the pain,
From all of the things that make me feel shame.

But then out of nowhere someone came to visit me,
To talk all about what all my feelings could be.

They didn’t judge me; they never asked why.
They just listen to me, they just help me try.

Try to understand what I was feeling inside ,
And how it’s important that I don’t run and hide.

They help me talk through how it all felt,
It felt like my anger was starting to melt.

I’m not saying that at times I don’t get mad,
But it’s helped so much with me getting sad.

Sharing my feelings with someone was such a relief,
And now for my future I have great belief.