Our Service

Our Service

We provide:

  • Very early intervention at the onset of issues
  • One to one work, for up to 12 sessions per child, with a specially trained facilitator

Age appropriate method:

  • Facilitators use play which is the young child’s natural communicative process
  • Children at this age are only slowly developing the cognitive skills to identify & verbalise complex emotions
  • Children can explore issues from the real world in the safety of the imaginary world
  • The sessions are non-directive and are led by the child

Issue appropriate method:

  • Children are often trying to cope with issues that may be complex, ambiguous and inconsistent

In appropriate surroundings:

  • Service taken TO the child – usually in the familiar surroundings of their primary school but we can now consider other suitable venues
  • Minimal disruption to school day
  • Sessions are low level, low key, and non-stigmatising
  • Our facilitators are local
  • Accessible to all

Our fees

  • We offer comprehensive and cost-effective membership packages for primary schools and also welcome enquiries regarding fees from parents/carers or outside agencies.

Please contact us for further information.

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If you would like to help Think Children to continue our work you can donate now on-line – the process is simple, secure and will only take a minute and you can be sure your money is directly benefitting children in the region.

Another idea is to donate the money you would spend on Christmas cards to a good cause. Please call us on 01636 676887 or send us an email if you are interested in doing this.

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