Our Impact

Our sessions help children to:

  • Safely explore their issues
  • Release pent up emotions
  • Clarify how they see their situation
  • Develop coping skills
  • Move forward with their lives in a positive way

What the professional assessments show:

  • Historically, evidence show that over 80% of children continue to show improvement after the sessions have ended, demonstrating these are long lasting positive changes
  • Assessment is by the school SENCo or the class teacher who are well placed to observe the child’s coping skills
  • Assessment is NOT stressful for the child
  • Benefits to others who interact with the child
  • When children are able to move forward in a more constructive way, benefits also accrue for the family, peers, teachers and the community

Social return on investment

The longer these issues are left unresolved, the more difficult and costly they may become. Neglect of these issues may be serious as the strains of emotional survival can result in a downward spiral of events in which their increasing despair and anger becomes a pathway to educational marginalisation, social disaffection and violence or self-harm.

Lack of effective early intervention can incur substantial costs for the education, benefits, health, social work, police and justice services. There can also be knock on effects for the next generation. Changed attitudes, and improved resilience & coping skills, are fundamental changes with far reaching implications for future lifestyles.