Daddy’s gone on holiday, daddy’s gone away.
This is what I get told by people every single day.
I’m not allowed to call him or see him face to face.
I think he must be somewhere, in a special place.

I know that mummy speaks to him, which sometimes makes her cry.
I really don’t understand this, I just keep asking why.
I hear people saying that, daddy has been bad.
And when I hear them say this, it gets me really mad.

My older brother told me that he has gone away,
He’s gone to a place called prison, a place where he has to stay.
I don’t know what this place is and why he would be there,
I asked my brother about, this place but he didn’t want to share.

He said he went to see him, just the another day,
But told me it’s not safe for, it’s best to I stay away.
Just because I’m younger they keep some things from me
If they only they just told me, it just might make me see

I really miss my daddy and I wish that he could come home
Or if that’s not possible, that I could call him on the phone.
If only I had daddy. if only he was here.
He’d make all the bad run away, and the bad things disappear.