If I was a different person who would I be,
I know for certain I wouldn’t choose me.
Not that I hate me or don’t like who I am,
It’s just that I feel as though my life is a sham.

Who’d choose to have a life like mine,
To see all the things that I have over time.
There’s shouting, swearing and things getting broken,
This is why I’m guarded and don’t like to be open.

Who’d be this person day after day,
The one at break time refusing to play.
And not because of the things other children do,
I’m just scared of getting too close to you.

I know people think that I’m always mad,
But look more closely, I’m just really sad.
I keep so quiet when it comes to my pain,
I don’t want others to see all my shame.

I keep all this sadness bottled up inside,
But when it explodes I’ve got nowhere to hide.
People think I’m naughty and always doing wrong,
But I’m just trying to keep myself strong.

I’ve changed my mind who I would be,
Because now I know it’s my situation not me.
So please remember the next time we meet,
This journey I’m on is not quite complete.