There was once a girl called Sarah. Sarah thought she was somehow different from the other girls in school and she had many worries which would stay in her mind and made her feel very sad. The worries would twirl around her head and made her unable to concentrate on her school work.

One of her biggest worries was her mum and dad were having lots of arguments and she was afraid they would separate; would this mean she would have to choose who she lived with? She didn’t want to upset her parents so she kept all her worries in her head.

But the worries were getting much worse for Sarah. She was not sleeping well and it would affect her schoolwork even more. But there was something in Sarah’s head that was getting bigger and bigger and scarier and scarier. What could she do? Who could she tell? Not her parents. Not the teachers, they were always busy. Not her friends: they would laugh and point at her.

There was a lady that came to the school but could she trust her? She liked time with the lady because she let her do her favourite thing-drawing. Sarah knew she was quite good at drawing and would show the lady her pictures of her favourite superhero’s, she could tell the lady liked them. Sarah also knew her worries were getting out of control because inside her head had become a scary place.

Sarah knew she would have to tell someone. So she told the lady the truth-there were things in her head talking and it was like an angel sat on her shoulder and a devil on her other shoulder. She hated the devil thing so much, it would shout all the time when the angel wanted to talk, and Sarah wanted to listen to the angel, more than anything!

When Sarah looked up, the lady wasn’t laughing at her, or told her to ‘stop talking such rubbish’ she didn’t even tell Sarah she was mad! Sarah had noticed the fear in her head had lifted, but she was still worried about the devil.

So Sarah talked about everything. She was amazed how brave she had been and she knew she felt better. But she still worried about that devil coming back. Because Sarah loves Superhero’s so much, she came to realise she could use them to help her. She decided if that devil DARED to come back into her head again, she would immediately replace it with her favourite hero. Sarah knew the superhero would be much stronger than the annoying devil, as the superhero would use its powers. She would visualise and direct her superhero.

Much of Sarah’s biggest worries went away now she knew how to use superhero powers. When her parents had an argument, it still made her feel sad, so she would go to her room and wait to see if the angel would visit. Sarah didn’t mind the angel sitting on her shoulder at all, because she was always kind, reassuring and quietly spoken.