Once upon a time there was a farm where there lived a cow and a hen. They were usually very good friends.

cartoon cow Then one day the cow said to the hen: “Why don’t you eat grass? You’re stupid eating all that grain”.

Cartoon Hen Then the hen said to the cow: “Why don’t you eat grain? You’re stupid eating all that grass”.

Now they both felt sad. They didn’t like being called stupid. They stopped being friends-they didn’t want to play with someone who called them stupid. They were both unhappy. They thought about the word ‘stupid’ and now knew that it made people sad. They thought it was a sad word because it made them feel sad too. They missed playing and have fun together again.

So they said:

cartoon cow “I’m sorry I called you stupid. I’m sorry I made you sad. I won’t call you that again”.

Cartoon Hen “I’m sorry too. I won’t call you stupid again either”

Then they hugged each other. Soon they were playing and having fun, just like before.
Can you draw a picture of a hen hugging a cow?