Referral criteria

Our service is intended as very early, preventative intervention for children, aged 4-11 years, who do not meet statutory thresholds.  Children should only be showing early signs of emotional, social or behavioural issues at no more than “school action” stage.  Please remember the quiet withdrawn children as well as the disruptive ones.

The underlying issue is unimportant as we can work with a wide range of issues and the apparent presenting issue is not always the real one.  Issues may be acute (eg loss / change in family structure) or chronic (eg chaotic lifestyle, deprivation).

We reserve the right to decline unsuitable referrals.  If you have any queries contact our Quality Assurance Manager on 01636 676887.

You can have confidence in the quality of our service. We are a child-centred organisation and the safety of the children is our paramount concern at all times. We have a comprehensive set of clinical governance policies and procedures including child protection, complaints, disciplinary matters and whistle blowing. All Think Children facilitators, HQ staff and trustees, have passed an enhanced DBS check. All qualified facilitators have passed rigorous, accredited training and all receive on-going quality assurance supervision.  A few may be in the final work practice stage of their training.  These will have passed their foundation stage and will be receiving frequent observation of practice by Practice Tutors.

All staff adhere to a Code of Ethics and Practice. Support for our facilitators includes trained Practice Tutors, a Quality Assurance Manager and a Consultant.

We have professional indemnity insurance


In order to continue to provide our service in a challenging economic climate, we ask schools to contribute financially. Please see our Fees page (under Our Services) to view our partnership packages for primary schools, which are dependent on your individual needs.

School Commitment

We need a suitable room for our 1:1 sessions that is available on a regular weekly basis but only for the duration of the one hour session(s). Privacy and lack of any interruptions is crucial as the child may need to release pent-up emotions, engage in role-play and explore new ways of behaving.

No specialist equipment is needed (as our facilitators will bring their own) just paper and some crayons.  It is best if the room is free of fragile equipment (such as musical instruments, etc).

Our facilitator will escort the child from, and back to, their classroom.

We need assessments of the child by the SENCo

Evaluation of our impact is essential to improving our service and getting continued funding for it. This is a quick “distance travelled” process relating to the child’s main social, emotional and/or behavioural issues involving assessments before, after & one follow up after three months.  We have a simple form for this. It does not involve any “clinical” diagnosis or complex observations.

Whole school understanding

We stand the best chance of good outcomes when all staff understand and cooperate.

Parental / Carer consent

For obvious legal reasons, we absolutely cannot work with any child without the written consent of their legal parent or guardian.  We have a form for this which must arrive at HQ for inspection before sessions can commence.

Initiating our service in your school

Please contact us on 01636 676887